Welcome to Wilmette Talk #1

Special thanks to all who attended the in-person event on November 11th! Summary to come; in the meantime…

Please take a stroll / scroll through the stations below to learn and engage with Ready Set Wilmette, the Village of Wilmette’s Comprehensive Plan. Start by visiting Station 1 and viewing the Wilmette Talk “Theme” Trailers. There you’ll learn more about the project, process, and plan themes. Each video shares interesting data, points of consideration, and insights about Wilmette. The context of which is sure to spark ideas and comments for sharing via the other stations.

For the best user experience, please participate in the Virtual Open House on a desktop device.

Station 1 · Wilmette Talk #1

Watch the ‘Plan Theme’ Trailers in order to get started.

Click play to learn about Wilmette’s ‘Walk Score’, the power of arts in creating “place”, and what is community character… really. For best experience, turn your audio on and select the ‘fullscreen’ icon that appears in the lower right of each video. If no audio is preferred, you may click the ‘CC’ closed captioning icon in the lower menu to mute and read the narrative.

Part 1: Project Overview

What is the project, process, and phases?

Part 2: Community Character

Where is sense of place strongest and weakest?

Part 3: Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

What is the future of arts and culture in Wilmette?

Part 4: Health, Safety, & Wellness

How can community wellness in Wilmette be improved?

Additional Learning Resources

“This plan will help the Village with more than decisions about development projects and economic development, it will start a discussion about who we are as a community and what we want our community to be.”

– Wilmette Village President Senta Plunkett

Station 2 · Take Poll

Answer a short series of questions to shed insight on the Fall Plan Themes highlighted in the Wilmette Talk

Note: If you are experiencing issues taking the poll via the embedded frame below — please click here.

Station 3 · Share + Map Insights

Let’s bring it full circle! Below is a refresh of questions highlighted at Station 1. Review each then add your insights!

Questions to Consider

Share Feedback via the Tools Below

To interact with the map, simply select a category, drag and drop the icon onto the location you would like to comment on, then enter your comment. To view and respond to other comments from members of the community click the ‘activity’ tab.
To interact with the idea wall, simply select the icon that best connects to your comment then start typing. You may upload a photo or image to help explain your comment. Then hit ‘Next’ and select the plan theme(s) it relates to. To see what others have recently posted, click the ‘activity’ tab.

Station 4 · Be a Project Champion

The project team is seeking volunteers to help promote the plan.

Are you a high school student interested in community planning? A young parent looking to share your perspective? A tenured resident seeking to engage your neighborhood? A local organization, business, or non-profit eager to share insights on plan themes? We want to hear from you! Ready Set Wilmette is seeking residents and stakeholders of all ages, affiliations, and backgrounds to help get the word out and ensure a diverse array of perspectives are heard.

There are multiple ways to get involved and be a project champion:

Post the virtual open house link on social media, next door, etc.Share the project website via email and newsletters.Sign-up to receive project announcements by visiting Station 5.Chat with neighbors and friends about ‘Ready Set Wilmette’.Attend future Wilmette Talks and Virtual Forums.

Station 5 · Stay Informed

Thank you for participating in the Ready Set Wilmette Virtual Open House!

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