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Community Engagement

10/25/22 Village Board Workshop: Goals & Objectives – Presentation, Draft Document
9/20/22 Wilmette Talk #4 – Presentation, Recordings, Recap
8/29/22 Poll # 3 Results – Summary
8/2/22 Plan Commission: Goals & Objectives – Presentation, Summary
6/13/22 Poll # 2 Results – Summary
3/15/22 Wilmette Talk #3 – Presentation, Recordings, Recap
3/15/22 Wilmette Talk #2 – Presentation, Recordings, Recap
3/3/22 Environmental and Energy Commission – Summary
3/1/22 Plan Commission Community Conditions – Summary
2/16/22 Poll # 1 Results – Summary
12/13/21 Historic Preservation Commission – Summary
11/15/21 Sesquicentennial Committee – Summary
11/11/21 Open House + Wilmette Talk #1 – Summary
11/01/21 Human Relations Commission – Listening Session
10/25/21 Housing Commission – Summary
10/16/21 Soccer Pop-Up – Summary
10/04/21 Appearance Review Commission – Summary
09/09/21 Plan Commission Kick-Off – Summary

Project Documents

Community Conditions Analysisoriginally posted 3/10/22, revised 9/6/2022

Past Plans + Resources

Village of Wilmette Website

Community Development Landing Page

2000 Comprehensive Plan

Wilmette Sustainability Landing Page

Sustainability Plan

Master Bike and Active Transportation Plan

Central Avenue and Downtown Streetscape Plan

2011 Village Center Master Plan

Historic Preservation Resources

Zoning Ordinance + Maps

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Village Trivia

Did you know Wilmette has achieved a Bronze Level “Bicycle Friendly Community” by the League of American Bicyclists. Recent Village efforts are on the path to achieving a Silver designation in the future.

Did you know the North Shore has been home to African American as early as 1834; many coming back from Canada after the Civil War and others escaping slavery?  In the mid 1880’s, Ellen and John Smith, the descendants of enslaved people, opened a grocery and candy store at 1428 Wilmette Avenue. How are Wilmette residents, leaders, etc. defining their vision for diversity and inclusion?

Did you know the planned new housing and retail development at 1210 Central Avenue will contribute $1.6 million towards creation of additional affordable ownership and rental housing units in the Village? The intent of housing affordability, diversity, and inclusivity analysis is to build greater consensus on a range of actions that can be taken by the Village.

Did you know the fastest growing office users in Wilmette over the last two decades have been in the health care and education sectors? Careful consideration will be given to the sources of demand for office space as well as new configurations such as mixed-use and co-working spaces.

Did you know the Baha’i House of Worship receives 300,000 visitors each year? Thinking about existing amenities and how to strengthen such and their connection to the Village will be an important consideration.

Did you know that one-third of households in the Village have no vehicle or only one vehicle?  This emphasizes the need for a safe and connected pedestrian and bicycle network. Many parts of Wilmette are graced by thick tree canopies.

Did you know in addition to their beauty, urban trees can reduce heating and cooling energy use, reducing carbon emissions and saving money? Trees also reduce stormwater runoff and provide habitat and mental health benefits.