Poll #4 Results & Project Update

Poll #4, which asked questions about the planning themes of sustainability and transportation, closed out with a total of 312 responses! On behalf of the entire Ready Set Wilmette team, thank you to all who took time to complete any of the community polls released since project launch. Results from these activities will inform plan recommendations, along with findings from the sum of engagement and outreach that has been conducted throughout the planning process.

Click below to view the full summary of results.

Project Update: What’s Next?

At the end of October, the planning team held a workshop with the Village Board to review draft goals and objectives (view the presentation here and the draft document here). The goals and objectives essentially outline the topics and preliminary recommendations to be considered as part of the comprehensive plan, so they are important to get right! 

Following an in-depth discussion and consensus from the Village Board, the project team is now reviewing goals and objectives with Village Boards and Commissions. Using input from these bodies along with findings from community engagement thus far, the team will prepare a draft comprehensive plan in early 2023 for further consideration by the community and Village officials.