Poll #3 Results & Key Findings

Poll #3 on Housing & Business had a record setting response! Thank you very much to the 581 people who shared their ideas, insights, and perspectives. Open from July 3rd through August 2nd, responses confirmed the consultant team’s existing conditions analysis, information garnered from community stakeholders and industry experts, and feedback from previous engagement activities.

Selected key findings are highlighted below and you can read the full summary of results here.

Key Findings


  • Most respondents noted the importance of both the cost of housing and need for housing other than more detached homes.
  • Nearly half of respondents know of someone who was looking to move to Wilmette but could not find housing to meet their needs. Those people were most likely to be young families looking to purchase a home who were not able to find one they could afford.
  • Over half of respondents indicated that housing in Wilmette should be affordable to more people.
  • 56 percent think that the Village should look for ways to facilitate creation of housing for people who work in the community.


  • Respondents mostly purchase convenience and personal goods in Wilmette.
  • Many responses highlight that the quality of the goods or restaurant meals purchased are primary to spending decisions, as well as the quality of the shopping or dining experience.
  • Respondents are happy with the growth in restaurants in Village Center. Some concern was expressed about empty storefronts, and many hope for more retail stores in Village Center as well as in Linden Square.

Thank you, Wilmette, for your ongoing participation! We hope you join us on Tuesday, September 20th for Wilmette Talk #4 to discuss our final planning themes: Transportation and Sustainability. Learn more and register here!