Poll #2 Summary of Findings

This Spring, the Wilmette Comprehensive Plan explored the themes of Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Community Institutions. Panelists discussed these topics in front of a live audience during Wilmette Talk #2, followed by Poll #2 which gathered community insights and perceptions. After receiving nearly 500 responses, we are ready to share a summary of findings! Click here to view the full summary.

Among other things, we learned that:

  • 68% of all respondents and 60% of BIPOC respondents Agreed or Strongly Agreed that Wilmette is a welcoming community.
  • 2 in 3 respondents were either Not Sure, Disagreed, or Strongly Disagreed that perspectives from all people are included in Wilmette’s decision making.
  • 68% of all respondents think that Wilmette should be doing more to enhance diversity and inclusion.

Get the full picture of poll results by reading the full summary. Thank you again to all who weighed in on this important community conversation! Look out for Poll #3 on topics of Housing, Business and Commerce coming soon….