Poll #1: Summary of Nearly 500 Responses…

Poll #1 of Ready Set Wilmette is in the books! Huge thanks to the 470 folks who shared their voice and perspectives. We heard from a wide range of folks – nearly every age group and residents new (approximately 22% of participants having lived in the Village for less than 5 years) and long standing (approximately 37% having lived in the Village for over 20 years).

Launched in mid-November of 2021 to coincide with the first Wilmette Talk and Open House, the poll was open for approximately 10-weeks, closing on January 26th, 2022. Each step of this planning process builds on findings from community outreach, leading to a vision and plan for Wilmette that comes directly from the community. Below are some high-level takeaways; click here to view the full results from Poll #1.

Poll #1 Infographic Summary

* Note: Poll participants were allowed to select up to three choices. Results reflect the % of participants who chose the option as one of their top three priorities.

Up Next!

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